Asynchronous Programming in Python

If you have been hearing the term ‘asynchronous programming’ a lot lately, you are well in the loop. Asynchronous programming has gained rapid popularity over the past few years. Asynchronous programming has existed since the very early days of computing, but with better hardware to handle multiple threads simultaneously, and ensure the smoother (and faster) working of an application, it is fast becoming a standard programming paradigm.

As opposed to synchronous programming which works in a linear fashion, tasks in asynchronous programming run parallelly, and sometimes even intersect each other, depending on whether it is a single-thread or multi-thread environment. In a single-thread environment, an asynchronous program can handle only one task at a time. The execution of a task can be suspended and then resumed alternating in time with any other task by the operating system. In a multi-threaded environment, an asynchronous program can handle a number of tasks at a time and the same task can be handled by multiple threads at different stages depending on the availability. This method is called concurrency.


Asynchronous code in Python relies on coroutines. Before Python 3.4 and 3.5 introduced asyncio and async/await in the library, asynchronous programs in Python had to depend on generator-based co-routines.


Asyncio is a concurrency module that facilitates managing of events, coroutines, tasks, threads, etc. Asyncio uses an async/await syntax and constructs such as:

– Event Loop: An event loop manages and distributes the execution of different tasks. It is responsible for input/output (I/O) and system events.

– Coroutines: Coroutines are special functions similar to Python generators, which are used for cooperative multitasking. Coroutines give up control to their callers to ensure that multiple applications can run at the same time.

– Tasks: Coroutines are wrapped in tasks, which schedule them concurrently.

– Futures: Futures represent the result of a task that may or may not be executed yet.

Let us consider an example which we will be doing in synchronous and asynchronous ways:



Despite asynchronous programming not being as native to Python as it is to JavaScript, it still is gaining rapid popularity. One of the primary reasons for this is improved app performance, which leads to better user experience.

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Out with the old, in with the new!

As the year-end holiday festivities draw to a close, we have inched into 2020 with much fervor. January is a month of new beginnings. New calendar. New decade. New year. New resolutions. New beginnings. New excitement. It is an exciting time at the Telemerge office too, and we wanted to share a bit of it with all of you.


For the last 4 years, Telemerge IT Services has grown by leaps and bounds. What started as a small personal endeavor among a few passionate technology and business professionals, has now grown into a team that shares common goals, works hard and parties harder, and comes together to celebrate the smallest and biggest of our successes. Our technical ingenuity and determination have brought us this far. To this ingenuity and determination, we are now adding business understanding and confidence, to step into a new phase for the company.

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But there’s more…


2020 is all set to be our biggest year yet as we look at expanding our team to its largest capacity ever, as we prepare to take on more challenging work, as we buckle up to announce our successes louder, AND; as we get ready to announce our biggest association yet.

Team Telemerge has partnered with a new project this past year that took a lot of research, meetings, and hard work to come to fruition. Let us call it ‘Project Her’ for now. ‘Project Her’ is going to be disruptive and transformative in many ways, and Telemerge is proud to be a part of it. If 2010s proved to be the decade when women discovered their innate strengths, 2020s will be the decade that women will use those strengths to stamp their authority on. Project Her is our contribution to make this bold aspiration a reality. This exciting new project is inching closer towards completion and we will be announcing it soon.


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