5 Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

The old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ does not apply to business processes. Business processes need constant upgrading and progressive automation. Businesses often invest in software solutions that can streamline their work processes to optimum efficiency. Using technology effectively allows businesses to increase productivity, make operations more efficient and maximize resources. Software for business is usually divided into two categories: packaged and bespoke.

Packaged software suites are bought off the shelf or from a company that makes and supplies them. Despite its advantages such as lower costs and quicker turnaround time, packaged software has its limitations. This has sparked greater demand for customized software, which is tailor-made and designed to suit the requirements of an organization.

Customized or bespoke software solutions are designed and built in such a way that the design and functionality are (mostly) unique to the business that has commissioned for it to be made.


Here are 5 benefits you can reap by opting for bespoke software solutions:


Bespoke software makes the flow of information easier between departments and processes, thus streamlining operations. Organizational processes change over time and bespoke software makes it easier to adapt to these changes. This is because this software is developed to align with the business process.


As a business grows, business requirements change, and off-the-shelf software products will be rendered useless once these changes come into effect. When you hire a software development firm to create bespoke solutions for your business, they build a solution that is ready to scale as needed.


Off-the-shelf products are proprietary products of the vendor selling them. A bespoke software product is created specifically for your organization and hence you are in complete control and ownership of the product. The product is designed to align with your brand identity and business requirement, thus allowing you to dictate the functionality of the product.


Mid-scale or larger organizations use more than one automation and management software to run their processes. Customized solutions ensure these applications can also be integrated into the larger scheme of things as required by the company.


When you opt for an off-the-shelf solution, you’re one of the many customers buying it from the vendor. The vendor has a common customer care line defined for all the customers, which often can be frustrating and long-winded to get through. With bespoke solutions, the company also offers a maintenance contract, which means that every bug or problem is addressed on a personal level. Most companies offer support and maintenance with bespoke solutions, which can be extended over time going ahead. This ensures your bespoke solution is up-to-date, free of bugs and fine-tuned to suit your changing necessities.

Opting for bespoke software development is a smart strategy as it ensures your company has complete ownership of the product. It is a great long-term investment that is tailored to support your current requirements as well as future upgrades.


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