Why Staff Augmentation is a Great Idea

The IT industry is going through a major transformation. Companies are struggling to stick to agile methodologies in the face of rapidly changing technology ecosystem. When business demands a shift, however, finding the right resources to keep up with these changes becomes a nightmare for most companies. This becomes a major drawback when new projects are incoming and/or current projects are high-volume.

Traditional practices are unable to cope with the speed and nature of such constant changes, thus leaving organizations either short of critical resources or in possession of resources that cannot deliver the required output. This is where staff augmentation can come handy for a lot of organizations.

Staff Augmentation is a process where organizations outsource resources with niche specializations on a fixed-term (long-term or short-term) basis. Staff augmentation resources act either as experts on a project or an extension to the on-site talent. Staff Augmentation allows companies to skip the tedious recruitment process, which doesn’t yield any beneficial outcome anyway, and save time and money involved in the hiring, training and onboarding process. But more importantly, it gives companies access to a wide and niche talent pool without having to make any compromises on the quality of the resource.

Essentially, what companies cannot leverage internally, they outsource; and this approach comes with many benefits of own.


Hiring resources required only for a specific project comes with its drawbacks – contracts, benching, idle time after deployment, etc. Additionally, hiring new employees involves sending out requirements, screening candidates, conducting interviews, etc. This process is heavily time-consuming as well as costly. Working with specialized resources on a project-to-project basis helps organizations eliminate all the unnecessary overheads. Thus making their process a lot more sustainable, and hence, a lot more competitive.


Companies hiring new staff are wary of the quality of the incoming resource, their commitment levels, culture clashes, team bonding, etc. This becomes a bigger worry of the company is looking for an experienced resource with a higher salary margin. With staff augmentation, companies can stop worrying about these things as the resources they find via staff augmentation are pre-screened, have achieved a particular skill level and are available at a relatively lower cost. Furthermore, companies get access to a wider pool of resources who are experts in their domains as the market is extensive.


Companies cannot retain complete control of their project if they outsource it completely. Deploying resources via Staff Augmentation helps companies to set their own standards and deadlines. The company, internally, stays in charge of who leads the project, who drives client communication, who coordinates with the team, etc. This also contributes tremendously to the transparency factor – with your project in your own command, you know where it is headed. Additionally, for companies that juggle multiple projects, companies retain full control over resources hired via staff augmentation services.


With staff augmentation, the size of the team working on a particular project can easily be scaled up or down as required. With full-time hirings, come full-time commitments, which are difficult to adhere to if the nature or size of business demand changes. By hiring resources that are available only when needed, companies have the freedom to change their blend of working team according to project requirements.

Staff Augmentation is a nearly full-proof resource finding and hiring process which more and more companies are now opting for. In a dynamic market like software and technology, top-class talent comes at a premium. With Staff Augmentation, companies have access to this premium tier of talent at relatively lower costs. Thus, also allowing companies more space to grow their business in a sustainable manner.

At Telemerge IT Services, we provide you with Staff Augmentation services that gives you access to our wide pool of world-class resources. Our talent has already been pre-screened and vetted to funnel out the best we can lend to our clients. Enterprises can busy themselves with their project and its workings, while leaving the organizational and administrative nitty-gritties to us. If you are looking for staff augmentation services, reach out to us at connectus@itstelemerge.com